Lucrèce Andreae

scénario et dessin

After studying illustration and animated cinema, I officially became director of cartoon movies. Since animation movies require many talents (writing, drawing, color, editing, acting, sound, music, etc ...), I have developped a lot of skills  and am curious about everything! The production of a film is a team effort and a great human adventure, which is my favourite part of the whole process. I also good working with children (in recreation center), and I have facilitated a few introductory workshops on animation with teenagers.

animation movies:

- Trois petits points - juree price at the Festival d'Annecy 2011

- Cocon - movie of 1 minute made with cut papers

- Shoes de lose et Changement de cap - award winning movies - Canal J competition "The next talents in animation 2012"

- Les mots de la carpe - Arte (2012)

- Pépé le morse - to be released at the beginning of 2017