The story of the tree

Monday 19 December 2016 – Interview

This time it is an encounter with a tree that Augustin Lebon tells us. Drawing is also a way to look at the world with a different look and uncover details ignored.

After a short trip through southern Japan, my wife and I arrive on the island of Yakushima, home to one of the world's last primary forests. Immense, independent, magical and dominant, this forest invades the retina and spits us in the evening like two small insignificant beings. The trees, living or decomposing, are fireworks, roots are giant steps, plants, monkeys, deer ... we can not digest so many emotions. It's like wanting to meet 300 people in an hour, we can take a picture of everyone.

But can we really know them?

It is necessary to stop walking and make a choice, the second day, I decided to concentrate on a tree modest, much older than me but visibly younger than its neighbors. I sit as comfortably as possible on a carpet of moss and damp leaves, pull out my small notebook and begin to draw it. It's still too big, I still have to make a choice, I focus on the base of the trunk.

At first it's hard to decipher what I see, that piece, is it a root? Or a branch that fell years ago, re-rooted in the soil? And that, another root, where it is a climbing plant that dates from the previous decade? Then, little by little, I understand, I learn, I see.

Some hikers pass not far from me, some discuss and take a look but I remain absorbed by my drawing.

Il n’y aura pas d’autres rencontres ce jour-là.