Thinking and acting together

Sunday 5 February 2017 – Story

The Apprentis d'Auteuil approach is of interest to Ink Link, facilitating dialogue between the beneficiary audience of Apprentice interventions and volunteers / employees of the Foundation. We are delighted to show that, in this approach, the drawing has its square !

The Fondation des Apprentis d'Auteuil supports several thousand young people and their families in actions of welcome, support and integration. For this, several waves of volunteers have partnered with the projects of the Foundation.

The best way to work with each person is to listen to him/her and create the necessary climate of exchange. This involves "Thinking and Acting together".

The idea of apprentices is, therefore, to enumerate each of the attitudes that allow for better listening in a guide developed with the young people and beneficiary families.

In this context, we appealed to Augustin Lebon, who intervened directly during the development workshops of this guide to listen to all the actors and define with them the best way to illustrate each of the attitudes. The presence of a draftsman is also an opportunity to facilitate dialogue between different audiences!