The different stages of a comic book

Wilfrid Lupano explains the different stages of a comic book

Once the objectives of a project have been defined and the scenario has been written and validated, there are several steps for the graphic realization of the pages.

1- Graphic research.

For each of the characters, (but also for the sets, the costumes ...) the drawer submits several proposals, and the casting selection is based on these pencil drawings.

Recherche graphique

2- The story board

Then we create a storyboard, which is a quick serie of sketches, to ensure the readability, the fluidity of the narration and the relevance of the statement. This is the most important step of the work, and is being carried out with the various project partners. The storyboard is produced with everyone present so that everybody gets a say in it.

Story board

3- The inking

Once the storyboard has been validated, the designer draws the final pencil and the inking (whether with real ink or with a graphic tablet). 


4- Coloring

And finally, the page can be put in color (which is not mandatory).