Augustin Lebon

scénario et dessin

Augustin Lebon was born in 1987 in the North of France. After studying comics at the Saint-Luc Institute in Brussels, he worked as an illustrator for Oxfam-Belgium and animator at the comic strip museum in Brussels. Then he meets the screenwriter Lylian, with whom he realizes his first comic book, Le Révérend, whose volume 1 took part in 2014 in the Best First Album Prize of picards high school. In 2014, he also published a book of research and reflection on the western universe and its close links with nature. Today, Augustin has become his own screenwriter and works on Resilience, a powerful tale of anticipation in a Europe devastated by industrial agriculture. The first volume will be released in 2017 by Casterman

En tant que dessinateur

  • Le Révérend T1 : Les diables déchus du Nevada (éditions EP).
  • Le Révérend T2 : Chasse à l’homme (éditions EP).

En tant que scénariste et dessinateur

  • Résilience T1 : Les terres mortes (à paraître en 2017 aux éditions Casterman).
  • Résilience T2 : La vallée trahie (à paraître en 2018 aux éditions Casterman).