Charles Masson

scénario et dessin

Born in 1968, I'm an ENT doctor by training.

I share my time between my profession as a doctor and Comics as an autodidact.

Initially, I used my "serious" job to find scenario topics for my other job as a storyteller. So I wrote and drew Soupe Froide and Bonne Santé.

Having lived 10 years in La Réunion, I regularly did doctor replacements on Mayotte, with its unusual social and political situation, and it brought me to write Droit du Sol.

For 5 years, I have discovered another facet of comics: I do medical comics, intended directly for patients and not for the general public. My status as a physician allows me to make the link between the sponsors, the designers and the graphic designers, when I do not draw the projects myself.

It is another mode of narration in comics that I like and I worked thus with private laboratories but also with Médecin du Monde Lyon.

Comics is a vast world expanding in its subjects and it is thrilling.

  • Soupe froide CASTERMAN Ecriture, 2003
  • Bonne santé CASTERMAN Ecriture, 2005
  • Boules vitales (Les) FUTUROPOLIS, 2007 
  • Jour où... (Le) Collectif FUTUROPOLIS
  • Droit du sol CASTERMAN Ecriture, en 2009
  • En chemin elle rencontre... Collectf DES RONS DANS L'O, 2009
  • La Revue dessinée reportage BD, en 2016