Charles Masson

scenario and drawing

Born in 1968, ENT doctor by training. Charles Masson shares his time between his profession as a doctor and comic books as a self-taught artist.

Initially, he was inspired by his serious profession to find subjects for scenarios for his other job as a storyteller. Thus, he wrote and drew Soupe Froide and Bonne Santé.

After 10 years living in Reunion Island, he was a regular substitute doctor in Mayotte, with its unusual social and political situation, and this inspired him to write Droit du sol.

For the past 5 years, he has discovered another facet of comics: medical comics, intended directly for patients and not for the public. His status as a doctor allows him to act as a link between the sponsors, the artists and the graphic designers, when he does not draw the projects himself.

It is another mode of narration in comics that he likes, and he has worked with private laboratories, but also with Médecins du Monde Lyon: "Comics is a vast world, expanding in its subjects, and it is exciting".


  • La Revue dessinée, reportage BD (2016)
  • Une aventure de Lilou, Éditions Des Ronds dans l'O, 2 tomes (2011/2014)
  • Droit du sol, Éditions Casterman, Coll. Écritures (2009)
  • En chemin elle rencontre..., Collectif, Éditions Des Ronds dans l'O (2009)
  • Le Jour où..., Collectif, Éditions Futuropolis (2007)
  • Les Boules vitales, Éditions Futuropolis (2007)
  • Bonne santé, Éditions Casterman, Coll. Écritures (2005)
  • Soupe froide, Éditions Casterman, Coll. Écritures (2003)