Espé was born in 1974 in Mazamet in the Tarn. As a child already, he tries to produce comics inspired by his heroes: Serval, Daredevil and other superheroes.

Following the advice of his parents of the type "Get you high school degrees first!", he first studied scientific topics. But he then decided to stand for his choices and joined the School of Fine Arts in Toulouse. There, he participated in his first Fanzine experience by creating Broute, the opportunity for him to meet several authors from the Toulouse region. After graduation, he made a brief detour by industrial design before returning to his first love. He first drew on behalf of the "Petit à Petit" editions with whom he collaborated with three collectives books and on "Paroles de Taule" (the voice of the prison) with Corbeyran.

Then the audacious and successful association of the paintings of Ugarte and the drawings of Espé for The Territory broadcast in a non-typical album a gallery dedicated to the fantastic genre and remains a proof that the comic strip is a medium open to all the graphic possibilities. With Corbeyran again, he continues with a diptych mixing urban culture and crime in the streets of Bordeaux, the 3rd Eye,  and the family saga in the vineyard of Bordeaux: Châteaux Bordeaux, which quickly became a must.

In 2015 he developped an album with a scenario of Stéphane Piatzszek which talks about the resistance of the Corsican people during World War II, the Island of the Justes.

He lives in Ariège.

Editions Glénat

  • Châteaux Bordeaux - Tome 1
  • Châteaux Bordeaux - Tome 2
  • Châteaux Bordeaux - Tome 3
  • Châteaux Bordeaux - Tome 4
  • Châteaux Bordeaux - Tome 5
  • Châteaux Bordeaux - Tome 6
  • Châteaux Bordeaux - Tome 7
  • Destins - Tome 5
  • L' Île des Justes
  • Mafias & co - Tome 1

Editions Petit à Petit

  • Poèmes de Baudelaire en BD
  • Chansons d’Higelin en BD
  • Chansons de Boby Lapointe en BD

Editions Delcourt

  • Le Territoire : 6 tomes
  • Le 3ème Œil : 2 tomes


  • Paroles de Sourds
  • Paroles de Parloirs
  • Paroles de Taule
  • Pourquoi j’aime la BD ?

Editions Casterman

  • 7 Jours pour une Eternité tome 1+ tome 2