Jean Dytar

scénario et dessin

Jean Dytar, born in 1980, developped his passion for comic books from childhood. He entered the Faculty of Plastic Arts in Saint-Étienne and, through an Erasmus exchange in Liège, attended evening cartoon classes.

Le Sourire des marionnettes, his first album published in 2009 by Éditions Delcourt in the Mirages collection, transposes into the heart of 11th century Persia a reflection on religious determinism and human freedom.

La vision de Bacchus, published in 2014, explores an entirely different universe by focusing on the painters of the Venetian Renaissance.

The common point of these two works? A goldsmith work where nothing is left to chance. Each word, every graphic choice accompanies and serves the history to immerse us in a universe that is both coherent and exotic. With a vast knowledge of the plastic arts, he adapts his style according to the subject he approaches and delivers us sublime graphic novels in which reflections and emotions are mixed.

  • Le sourire des marionnettes (2009, nouvelle édition 2016)
  • La vision de Bacchus (2014)