Louise Joor

scénario et dessin

Louise Joor was born in 1988 in Brussels, Belgium. From birth, she was rocked by comics and will later integrate the school Saint-Luc in Brussels. With her diploma in hand, she began working on several projects and it was finally "Kanopé", released in 2014, which attracted the attention of Delcourt editions, followed recently by a new album: "Neska du clan du Lierre". Two albums impregnated with ecology and humanism that have gave her the opportunity of unexpected meetings and no less than eight awards, including the prize "Coup de coeur" of Read for Tomorrow for "Kanopé".

Between two pages of her current albums, Louise illustrates articles of "a touch of green", a blog of scientific vulgarization which tells us the ingenuity of our friends the plants, and speaks about subjects that affect her daily on her Blog.

Kanopé, aux éditions Delcourt,  2014

Neska du clan du Lierre « Le marché des coccinelles », aux éditions Delcourt, 2016

Neska du clan du Lierre « Le Rituel de la pluie », aux éditions Delcourt, 2017