Mayana Itoiz

scénario et dessin

I graduated from the school of fine arts and worked in agricultural education in parallel with my practice as an illustrator.
Today I share my time between my workshop, my family and travel.
I realize documentaries, albums and comic books for youth publishing, travel books, posters and exhibitions for various partners.
I run art workshops for children.

-le loup en slip . Ed Dargaud 2016
-ça suffit les bisous . Ed Ptit Glénat 2016
-Les volcans . Ed Milan 2016
-La boite à bisous . Ed Ptit Glénat 2015
-Madame la flemme . Ed Ptit Glénat 2014
-Mon monde 1 à 1000 . Ed les ptits bérets 2014
-Ma classe de A à Z. Ed les ptits bérets 2013
-la terre, la vie, l’univers . Ed Milan 2013
-Les oralbums « pierre et le loup » . Ed RETZ 2013
-Raconte moi Henri IV Ed. Cairn 2013
-Abeba et le roi vorace, Ed Talents hauts, 2012.