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Laure Garancher


Author of comic books and Health Cooperation Advisor for WHO, I believe that drawing is a particularly suitable tool for facilitating and strengthening development projects.

Wilfrid Lupano

Co-founder, Artistic Relations Manager

Mayana Itoiz

Co-founder, Graphic Design Manager

Aurélie Garancher

Project Manager

From the private sector to NGOs, I like to work from project design to implementation. Being able to give meaning to my actions is my driving force.

Guillaume Noel


My talents as drawer did not convince the artistic team and I was offered instead the enviable post of treasurer. Fan of comics of course, I said yes! I will be there to accompany you on the administrative and financial parts of the projects.

Hélène Batiot

Chargée de projets

Passionnée de BDs, obsédée des plannings, gardienne de l'orthographe et caution communication !

Kristalna Perrody

Chargée de projets, relations ONG