Guide for social workers to psychosocial support exiled people

rights of minorities

What's next?

This guide is available as a two-day training course, so that social workers can practice these techniques through role-playing, surrounded by psychosocial professionals and in a caring environment. Full details are available on Our toolkit section

You can download the guide here. A printed version will be available from April 2024, please contact us by email

Empowering social workers to help them deal with the distress of exiled people

Funded by the French Ministry of the Interior and Overseas Territories, and in partnership with France terre d'asile's Reloref mission, we sought to meet the demand from social workers to have tools to help them support exiled people in distress.

This guide was created with social workers, by collecting their needs during preliminary interviews, then modifying the chapters according to their feedback.

The handbook lists various psychosocial practices for supporting exiled people: active listening, group workshops, support for people with suicidal thoughts, referrals to psychologists, and so on.

Drawing to facilitate learning

Gaëlle Prosperi's graphic design and Marie de Monti's illustrations make the book fluid. Metaphorical representations make it easier to grasp theoretical concepts.

Comics illustrates the practical application of some support techniques.