Hepatitis C awareness tools


Information and prevention tools on hepatitis C

As part of the Translation project, the I.Care asbl has developed several information and prevention tools on hepatitis C, adapted to the prison context and its population, for use by prisoners and professionals.

These tools were co-constructed with inmates, (medical) professionals working in prisons, health promotion professionals and The Ink Link.

They have several objectives:

  • To support professionals with up-to-date information to enable them to convey clear, up-to-date messages on prevention and management of the virus;
  • To help professionals make their language accessible to people with little or no command of French, medical vocabulary, reading skills or mild to moderate cognitive impairment;
  • Support dialogue between professionals and prisoners during interviews/consultations on hepatitis C, prevention, screening, treatment and the services and procedures available within the prison, with a view to empowering patients;
  • Reduce the stigma attached to the disease.

The Ink Link's contribution

After studying the documents sent by I.Care, and then meeting with inmates at the Brussels prison, we asked Clémentine Fourcade to join us in illustrating the project. Her semi-realistic style means she can be understood by many people who don't understand French well, who can't read, or who have a mild cognitive impairment.

Together, we have identified several ways of communicating with staff and inmates:

  • Posters (male and female) to be displayed in prisons (with priority given to medical departments);
  • Illustrated cardboard cards to be used as an aid to dialogue between professionals and inmates;
  • A theoretical-practical booklet for professionals, using the illustrations on the cards, and including a patient roadmap;
  • Two flyers complement these tools and can be given to inmates after their appointment.

These tools can be used in all Belgian prisons. They can be downloaded by clicking here.