The worst generation ever


An exhibition by The Ink Link and Militants des savoirs

Aimed at secondary schools, this exhibition was created to encourage a critical approach to radicalization and recruitment processes. It focuses on the feelings associated with the key period of adolescence and their consequences for the search for meaning.

The team of artists

To tackle this sensitive subject, The Ink Link has put together a working team formed of a psychologist, a scriptwriter and a cartoonist. 

Olivier Coldefy and Simon Kansara were able to combine psychological data with real-life experiences to get teenagers involved in reading.
Arthur De Pins, known for his Zombillenium albums adapted into animation and his work for Spirou magazine, brought the characters to life and created a colorful and effective universe.

The content of the exhibition

Adolescence is a period of major physical and psychological changes. It's a passage from one state to another, from childhood to adulthood, often leading to a state of crisis in the sense of identity quest. In our society, the absence of rites of passage and the increasing difficulty of intergenerational transmission sometimes lead to risk-taking, which can be seen as self-initiating rites and a means of testing one's limits, transforming "who am I?" into "who can I be?"

A definition of radicalization is used at national institutional level: "Radicalization refers to the process by which an individual or group adopts a violent form of action, directly linked to an extremist ideology with political, social or religious content that challenges the established political, social or cultural order". F. Khosrokhavar.
It is therefore the reference to a movement, proposing a certain reading of the world, and the act itself, that define radicalism. Adolescence is the most favorable period for radicalization, quite simply because of the search for meaning.

The exhibition

The exhibition has been designed to awaken a critical sense, even if this may sometimes seem to be too much for some teenagers! A critical sense in the sense of knowing how to look away from where one's gaze leads, not to fall into exaggerated visions of some, and especially of others. The lever of radicalization is anger, which shuts yourself in, invades the field of thought and becomes alienating.

The exhibition is divided into 15 panels:
- the first on adolescence,
- 2 panels specifically on radicalization
- the last 5 panels on recruitment techniques.
All of these panels make ways for thinking, mediation and discussion.

An educational booklet is provided for teachers and enables educational activities based on the exhibition. It can be rented according to requirements and dates.

For more information or to rent it, contact us!