Becoming better informed on ALYNEA services


An educational tool for better use of ACT services

ALYNEA is a Lyon-based facility for people in precarious situations or living in exile. It offers an ACT service, providing temporary accommodation and threefold medical, psychological and social support in Therapeutic Coordination Apartments. 

Once selected, ACT beneficiaries are given a welcome booklet, a legally binding document explaining their rights and duties. Until now, this document was a 30-page text, probably little read and poorly understood.

ALYNEA entrusted us with the task of producing a visual, educational and inspiring tool for its beneficiaries. The aim was also to increase access for the people we support to the services available to them (medical care, social integration, group workshops, courses, etc.).

A tool co-constructed with beneficiaries and adapted to their needs

After a co-construction workshop with beneficiaries and several days of support from ALYNEA's teams, The Ink Link designed a poster called “Un temps pour se rétablir” (“A time to recover”), which retraces the pathway from entry to exit. 

This tool summarizes and shows all the key information: a recto in the form of a pathway to be displayed in the apartments, and a foldable verso to be carried in the pocket. 

The illustrations were created during group activities organized by the ACTs, at the Miribel-Jonage bird park, the Lyon Fine Arts Museum or during cooking workshops. The beneficiaries' experiences and the importance of being together are thus highlighted, at the heart of this time of recovery.

The production team and aesthetic choices

For this project, Lyon-based artist David Combet chose a simple semi-realistic style, to make it easier for everyone to understand. He was able to immerse himself with the ALYNEA teams throughout the project.