Fighting sexual exploitation and abuse within Action Against Hunger


An innovative project

In 2020, The Ink Link began a project alongside Action Against Hunger. The NGO is looking for a service provider to develop a prevention tool against acts of sexual exploitation and abuse towards their employees and the beneficiaries of their development project. The aim is to raise awareness of sexual abuse and exploitation among the association's employees and volunteers in the field, as well as among local populations.

AAH works with local populations in many countries. Local cultures and traditions have to be taken into account in order to produce the materials and faithfully reproduce reality. This is the first time that an NGO has wished to show potential situations of sexual violence and abuse.

In response to the NGO's request, The Ink Link proposed two different tools.

Posters on sites

Four posters have been produced for AAH offices around the world.

The aim is to raise awareness among the NGO's employees and volunteers that this kind of behavior is not acceptable. In the event of abuse, a contact telephone number is provided.

The artist, Stéphane Fert, with his rich yet gentle universe, succeeds in conveying hard-hitting messages.

Short comics for beneficiaries

To implement prevention among AAH's beneficiaries, short comics are available in all the places in the world where AAH operates.

The comics, drawn by Aude Mermilliod and Laure Garancher, are suitable for all populations. Each page is adapted to its audience. Indeed, several cultures are represented, through skin colors, special dress codes or even the postures of some characters. So, with the help of these special situations and characters who resemble them, beneficiaries can identify with them.